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Before one of our brightly flowering plants arrives in your living room, a whole process takes place in our nursery. 

We cultivate this vibrant houseplant utilising state-of–the-art technology combined with traditional craftsmanship and ample enthusiasm. Join us on this adventure.

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Wim, Hans and Marco Koolhaas

About us

LKP Plants is a nursery with a proud history and a great future. We have a solid vision regarding sustainable development, whilst maintaining our quality at the highest level. Efficiency and innovation are vital at LKP Plants. As one of the largest Bromeliad cultivators, we have the entire growing process under control in-house, right down to the final assembly of our products. This means we are able to maximise efficiency during production, which guarantees the finest quality. Of course we always create room for our clients and listen to their desires, which enables us to deliver a made-to-measure product. With our years of experience, LKP Plants has proven over time to be a premium supplier of superior Bromeliads. With our in-house knowledge and skills we always focus on quality and tailor-made solutions, whilst maintaining a sustainable view of the future.

Bromeliad process

Bromeliads are propagated in two ways; from seed and in the lab. In both instances after about a year this process results in a tiny plant, which will be grown further at specialist breeding companies.

Once the plants have reached a height of around 5 cm, they arrive in our nursery as young plants. They are planted in paper pots where they can grow for a few more months. Regular selection means we supply uniform lots to companies where our plants are grown further. The plants, which by this point have reached between 20-25 cm in height, are placed in their final pots and returned to the nursery to mature. After a few months, robots pick up the plants and pass them under a camera. In the next step, three different robots place the plants in containers grouped according to size. After some more time in the greenhouses, the plants are given a growth treatment; 10 to 16 weeks after that the plants in their pots are ready to be sold. They are passed under a camera for a seventh time in the work space before the uniform lots are ready for delivery. The Bromeliad takes almost three years to reach your living room.


Bromelia Specialist sells our bromeliads. This central marketing organisation represents various Bromeliad nurseries. (www.bromeliaspecialist.nl

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Our Team

LKP Plants is a byword for quality and efficiency; this equally applies to our staff. Our motivated team does everything possible throughout the production process, from seed to delivery, to ensure our clients enjoy the very best product. Being 'good' is simply just not good enough. Within our organisational framework, we offer our staff every opportunity to achieve their full development potential. As a client, when placing your order, you will be pleased to quickly discover our staff's total commitment.

Henk de Groot

Manager Operations


Michel van der Palm

Financial administration manager


Marco Koolhaas

Cultivation manager


Linda Koolhaas

Human Resource Manager


Wim Koolhaas

Manager New Business


Hans Koolhaas

Manager Technology


Arno de Bruijn

Team Lead


Roy Arkesteijn

Team Lead LKP Plants III sales


Pieter van der Knaap

Logistics coördinator


Arno den Hoed

Team Lead LKP Plants II cultivation


Menno Blaauwbroek

Team lead Young Plants



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